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Issue 32

Hi folks

No news in this last issue of 2020…Time to rest, eat chocolate, have a good vacation and reconnect with loved ones!

2020 was an amazing year from the space industry point of view. “It was was a record year despite COVID,” said Najjar, a senior consultant at Euroconsult, “For the first time, we launched over 1,000 satellites.”!

At the beginning, for this issue, I wanted to make a selection of the most striking information of 2020, then I realized that it's going to be a very subjective list. So I rather suggest you take 15-20min and quickly go through all the issues of 2020 here.

The main reason for starting this newsletter was to share and democratize information about the space industry. Its goal is to be at the same time generalist, technical and up to date. It was born after I realized that people (especially students) who are not in the field, tend to think that space/satellite sector is a stagnant one. Apart from some highly mediatized NASA missions like Curiosity and so forth, it is rather hermetic and evolving very little.

However, this trend actually has changed a little in the very last years with private companies such as SpaceX and Amazon. Actors who have a rather aggressive B2C marketing strategy. As a result, more people are following more or less closely what's going on in the space industry, and it is quite good news.

This newsletter started in January 2020 and the issue you are currently reading is 32…I didn't think it'd make it to such a number 😎! As I have a job and a family on the side, it requires a lot of time and organization to keep up the pace. It hasn't always been easy, I experimented various formats and as you could see in some issues, the work was sometimes done at the very last minute 😜!

If you enjoy this newsletter and find it valuable, the best way to support this work is to share it as widely as possible.

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This being said, I would have liked to see more exchanges within members. And email is definitely not the best way for these kind of interactions. I have one or two ideas to facilitate this, and perhaps they will see the light next year 🤫… But I am open to all suggestions!

Thank you all. Feel free to reply to this email to share with me your comments, suggestions, contributions, or just say Hi!

On that note, I wish you a happy new year, happy holidays and see you next year!