📡 Space news of the week #44/2020

Issue 26

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🍪 Cookie of the week

For fans of vintage movie posters, check out these NASA’s Halloween posters of the most terrifying and mind-blowing destinations in our galaxy…

🚀 Toward orbit

  • Owner: Rocket Lab Ltd
    Satellite: 10 Earth observation satellites
    Rocket: Electron
    Site: Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand

  • Owner: China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
    Satellite: Yaogan-30-07 (remote sensing satellite)
    Rocket: Long March 2C
    Site: Xichang Satellite Launch Center

🛰 Here is what you missed

👉 Thales Alenia Space and NorthStar Earth and Space said they will begin work on Skylark, a constellation satellite system to monitor and track space debris in real-time. “The New Space Economy depends on the safety and sustainability of space. NorthStar, the first commercial SSA system based in space, will deliver essential information to space operators, enabling safe navigation and supporting global space traffic management. We are here to make space safe for doing business, now and into the future.” said Stewart Bain, the CEO and Co-founder…[+]

👉 Starlink announced its pricing strategy: $499 for the phased-array ground antenna and a subscription of $99 a month. Users can already download SpaceX’s iOS and Android app Starlink to help set up the hardware…[+]

👉 ST Engineering iDirect achieves MF-TDMA demonstration for Telesat’s LEO satellite. “I congratulate the ST Engineering iDirect engineering team on their successful testing campaign. They demonstrated the powerful advantages that MF-TDMA brings to LEO networks, a capability that can provide increased flexibility and higher capacity for our customers while allowing us to support a greater number of end-users on each LEO satellite,” said Erwin Hudson, Telesat’s VP…[+]

👉 China has unveiled its proposed architecture for getting astronauts to the moon…[+]

👉 Launchspace Technologies Corp signed a contract with Airbus to test their Orbital Debris Collection and Spacecraft Shielding payload for one year on the ISS Bartolomeo platform…[+]

👉 NXT Communications Corporation has signed an agreement with Eutelsat Communications for capacity on Eutelsat's E117WA satellite with its electronically steered antenna…[+]

👉 Investment in the Russian-Kazakh project Baiterek reaches $1 bln. This involves the reconstruction of a new rocket launchpad…[+]

👉 ESA has confirmed the postponement of the inaugural flight of Ariane 6 to the second quarter of 2022 and is asking member states for a financial extension…[+]

👉 China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has begun to test technologies with intelligence booster. An intelligence that will give the rocket learning capabilities in order to adapt to sophisticated environments and emergency situations…[+]

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