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Issue 27

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Hi folks 🖖;

🍪 Cookie of the week

Inspired by Wikipedia and launched in July 2004 at University College London, OpenStreetMap is a collaborative online mapping project that aims to create a royalty-free equivalent of Google Maps. \_o

🚀 Toward orbit

🇺🇸Site: Cape Canaveral, FL, USA
: US Space Force
Satellite: GPS III
Rocket: Falcon 9 Block 5

🇮🇳Site: Sriharikota, Republic of India
Owner: ISRO
Satellite: EOS-01 (SAR)
Rocket: PSLV-DL

🇨🇳Site: Jiuquan, People's Republic of China
Owner: Guodian Gaoke
Satellite: Tianqi-11 (IoT)
Rocket: Ceres-1

🇨🇳Site: Taiyuan, People's Republic of China
Owner: CASC
Satellite: Satellogic, (13 emote sensing satellites )
Rocket: Long March 6

🛰 Here is what you missed

👉 Airbus and Raytheon protest against satellite contracts from the US authorities regarding the L3Harris and SpaceX missile-tracking satellites contract. A spokesperson form Airbus claimed, “post-award debrief review identified concerns about the government’s evaluation process, and as a result, we have filed a protest with the U.S. Government Accountability Office.”...[+]

👉 The French startup ThrustMe announced the launch of a satellite with Spacety to demonstrate its CubeSat electric propulsion technology. The launched CubeSat holds also a laser communication module...[+]

👉 ESA awards €1.5 million to three German launch startups: HyImpulse Technologies (three-stage launch vehicle, payloads of up to 500 kilograms to LEO), Rocket Factory Augsburg (three-stage launch vehicle, payloads of up to 1300 kilograms to LEO) and Isar Aerospace (two-stage vehicle, payloads of up to 1000 kilograms to LEO)...[+]

👉 Advantech Wireless Technologies unveiled their new Wideband C-Band SSPA for LEO, MEO and GEO. “Our DeepBlu high-power SSPA systems are designed to produce the high levels of EIRP necessary for the simultaneous control of multiple satellites while facilitating communications with assets in Deep Space. Today’s satellite modem technology can generate links with modulation schemes of up to 1024 APSK that, when combined with solid-state power amplifier technology, can achieve extremely high levels of bandwidth efficiency. DeepBlu is an excellent enabler for critical operations. As the consumption of bandwidth from the expansion of 5G accelerates, traditional teleport operators will be able to accommodate more users in less C-band spectrum,” announced Advantech’s VP...[+]

👉 Slingshot Aerospace, who provides advanced analytics and tools to process earth and space data, raised $17.1M...[+]

👉 The International Space Station celebrated its 20th anniversary of continuous human occupation of cosmonauts and cosmonauts from all over the world...[+]

👉 Russian Reshetnev Company is currently working on the Marathon IoT communications satellite preliminary design for deployment within 3 years...[+]

👉 Roscosmos announced plans to test the emergency rescue system for Oryol spacecraft, the new spacecraft that will make crews flights to Moon in 2029...[+]

👉 Roscosmos entered a race with NASA to shoot the first movie in space on the International Space Station (ISS). They launched a search for a Russian actress. NASA and SpaceX picked Tom Cruise...[+]

👉 ESA contracted Airbus to conduct the pre-development of TRUTHS mission, a space-based observation satellite to study climate-change forecasts...[+]

🍕Chill corner

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This week, Laurent is sharing with us this special Satellite and Space playlist made with love…This is going to be my commute playlist of this week…Enjoy 🎶👽

David Bowie - Space oddity
Lou Reed - Satellite of love
Tasmin Archer - Sleeping satellite
The Rah Band - Clouds Across the Moon
Grégoire - Rue des étoiles
Jean-Michel Jarre - Rendez-vous - part VI (Ron's piece)
Richard Strauss - Also Sprach Zarathustra Op.30 prelude
M83 - Go!
The Church - Under the milky way
Iam - L'empire du côté obscur
REM - Man on the Moon
Deep Purple - Space Truckin'
Frank Sinatra - Fly me to the Moon
Elton John - Rocket man
Telex - Rendez-vous dans l'espace
Muse - Starlight
Moby - We are all made of stars

Here you are debriefed 👌. Rendezvous next week!