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Issue 30

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Hi folks 🖖;

🍪 Cookie of the week

This website, created by James Darpinian, will help you determine which planets and satellites will be visible to the naked eye tonight, depending on your location. What makes this website amazing is that it offers you a street view of the sky depending on your location, for example, at the entrance of your house :-) or in your back yard

🛰 Here is what you missed

👉 Canada’s Telesat and Nasdaq-listed Loral Space will merge to form new public company…[+]

👉Relativity Space adds $500 million to ‘war chest’ for scaling production of 3D-printed rockets…[+]

👉China's new moon mission to return the first lunar samples since 1976…[+]

👉Germany becomes the first country to purchase jam-resistant GPS receivers from the U.S…[+]

👉Russia's Energia says ISS is close to ruin, the nation should build its own space station instead…[+]

👉GMV wins pole position in development and implementation of the Galileo Second Generation ground segment…[+]

👉ESA and ClearSpace SA sign contract for the world’s first debris removal mission…[+]

🍕Chill corner

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Here you are debriefed 👌. Rendezvous next week!