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issue 19

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Hi friends 🖖;

Have you ever wondered how the engineers and technicians of today's most innovative space companies work? what are their technological choices? their software and hardware stack? and other more technical questions? well, you'll be served. A team of SpaceX engineers have played the game of a Reddit AmA (Ask me Anything) and gave many valuable details on the SpaceX rocket. The session is quite long (around 2.300 comments/questions), this is why I will make this editorial as short as possible ;-)

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🛰 Here is what you missed

👉 Virgin Orbit performed a launch demo of their air-launched LauncherOne. Despite all pre-launch procedures’ success and a clean release, an anomaly occurred in the first stage. The mission was soon after terminated for safety reasons…[+]

👉Airbus received a €250 million contract from the European Space Agency (ESA) to build the third European Service Module for American crewed spacecraft Orion...[+]

👉Thales Alenia Space joins in the PROMISE (PROgrammable MIxed Signal Electronics). An H2020 project whose goal is providing technological self-sufficiency for the future European missions...[+]

👉Four NetSat smallsats are currently being finalized at ZfT Germany. In two months, they will be put into orbit and “will autonomously control — for the first time worldwide— a three-dimensional configuration in space to enable new observation methods for climate research as well as for innovative future telecommunication systems.”...[+]

👉Despite the bankruptcy, and in the hope to attract more investors, OneWeb os asking the FCC to expend their constellation t 48.000 satellites...[+]

👉Exos Aerospace's Rocket Engine, SARGE R2, exploded during the testing. “We knew the test-stand was nearing its end-of-life, but the failure will feed our Weibull analysis making our space vehicles more reliable as hard data points feed better models, resulting in better hardware understanding. If you can safely Run To Failure, it can provide both valuable data on in-service hardware and also offer financial benefits,” said Co-Founder & COO John Quinn...[+]

👉Because of bad weather conditions, the first human orbital spaceflight from the US in 9 years was canceled on Wednesday 17 minutes before launch. On Saturday, SpaceX successfully launches first crew to orbit, opening in a new era of USA spaceflight...[+]

👉Roscosmos reacts to Elon Musk’s idea to bomb Mars with nuclear charges. "Recently, Elon Musk stated he wants to bomb Mars with nuclear charges to make its atmosphere more feasible for human life. It is absolutely obvious that the idea to bomb Mars with nuclear charges is absolutely abhorrent from a humanitarian standpoint. Who gave him the right to destroy a planet? … We understand that one thing stands behind all this demagogy: this is a cover for the deployment of nuclear weapons in space. We see such attempts, we consider them unacceptable and we will oppose them as much as we can," Roscosmos head said...[+]

🍪 Cookie of the week

This is one of the rare real pics of the earth taken where the full-disc view was taken with a one-shot. Other pictures are actually obtained by putting side by side several photos that represent only a small portion of the planet.

Here you are debriefed 👌. Rendezvous next week!

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